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Maintenance & Repairs

10 Ways to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is one of the most frequently used kitchen appliances, and they’re built to withstand the rigors of daily use. That being said, garbage disposals are also susceptible to a variety of problems due to misuse ...


How to Keep Drought from Damaging Your Lawn

Brown, patchy lawns often become a common sight during the summer months, particularly in unusually dry years. While drought damage to lawns is seldom permanent – most turf grasses are resilient enough to pull through and turn ...

Home Improvement

3 Reasons Why You’re Having Trouble Completing Your DIY Projects

Some homeowners are born DIY-ers, while others struggle to complete the simplest projects. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, and chances are you know what it feels like to start projects and then somehow run out of steam...


How To Kill Weeds Naturally

Weeds seem to appear out of nowhere. Then, before you know it, they’re everywhere—surrounding your landscape plants, popping up between cracks in your driveway and choking out your garden vegetables. Most homeowners take ...


Summer Outdoor Home Improvements that Add Value To Your Home

Summer is a season to spend time in the outdoors, whether that means a backyard barbecue, picnic, pool party or campfire. Now that summer has arrived, it’s a good time to take stock of the outdoor port of your home and se...