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Installing a New Thermostat? Take Location Into Consideration

A new thermostat can be a great investment. Replacing an old, outdated model can trim your energy bills and help heat and cool your home more effectively, but you should take a few factors into consideration. Choosing the best ...


Save Money By Insulating Your Home

If your home was built prior to 1980, before energy awareness home building, chances are it does not have enough insulation. Updating your home to current standards can reduce your heating and cooling bills up to 50% and make y...

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Green Ideas for a Warm and Cozy Winter Home

Cold days and seemingly endless winter nights can really take a toll on your psyche, especially as the winter drags on into its second and third month. A warm, cozy home can be the antidote you need to cure the winter blahs, so...


Affordable Winter Greenhouse

Most people think it is impossible to grow vegetables in the middle of “deep winter” and assume a greenhouse will yield more electric bills and less produce. That is no longer the case. Farmers from Northern Minnesota have disc...

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8 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

Making promises to ourselves on January 1st every year is a time-honored tradition, and most of us are no doubt accustomed to completely abandoning our resolutions by the time February rolls around. No need to be ashamed, we al...