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Green Cleaning

10 Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

You’ve seen it at the pharmacy, and you probably have a brown bottle or two gathering dust somewhere in your bathroom. Hydrogen peroxide may be old-fashioned, but there are plenty of things you can do with it besides disinfecti...

5 Spots You Forgot to Clean In Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is probably one of the places in your house you clean the most. Mopping the floor, scrubbing down the tub and swishing out the toilet bowl are pretty run-of-the mill cleaning tasks, but there are several spots in ...

Floor Cleaning Tips for Vinyl, Hardwood and Tile

Tile, hardwood and vinyl floors are fairly clean and low-maintenance compared to carpet, collecting less dust and not requiring the constant vacuuming demanded by thick shag. Still, a little bit of cleaning will always be requi...