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10 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Home Office

If you work from home, you’re probably saving a bundle on transportation, but you might be driving up your energy costs at the same time. Home offices consume a lot of power: lighting, heating and cooling, not to mention office...
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10 Tips to Seal Air Leaks and Stop Energy Loss

The average home is far from airtight, and never is this more apparent than during the cold winter months. Air can leak in and out of your home in a number of places, reducing energy efficiency and potentially adding a signific...
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Christmas Light Tips
Christmas Light Tips
Christmas Light Tips

Christmas Light Tips for Safety and Savings

And to All a Good Night…with Christmas Light Tips With the holidays rapidly approaching, Christmas lights and all manner of other seasonal decorations are beginning to appear on homes across the country. Before you start ...


Ceiling Fans Save Energy Year-Round

It’s no secret that high summer temperatures lead to high cooling costs. Running an air conditioner around the clock can drive up your energy bills and drain your bank account in no time. If you find yourself paying too much to...