Preventative Home Maintenance

DIY Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Appliances Running

Nothing lasts forever, but it’s sometimes shocking how quickly appliances bite the dust. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you take care of your appliances, they’ll take care of you, so be sure to add these e...

Protect Your Septic System: 4 Things You Can Do

Because septic tanks are hidden underground, they are out of sight and all too often out of mind for many homeowners. It’s easy to ignore your septic system – at least until something goes wrong. Then it becomes impossible to i...
Maintenance & Repairs

Prevent Plumbing Leaks In Four Easy Steps

Few household problems are as aggravating and potentially costly as plumbing leaks. Even a pinhole leak can worsen and cause thousands of dollars in damages over time, so it’s always better to prevent plumbing problems before t...

Maintenance & Repairs
Clogged Gutter Water
Clogged Gutter Water
Clogged Gutter Water

Defend Your Home Against Rain and Runoff This Spring

April showers bring more than May flowers – they also bring a risk of water damage if your house is unprepared. The combination of early spring rain and melting snow can be tough on any home, especially if it’s already taken a ...
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Garage Maintenance and Inspection Tips

Garages are fairly low-maintenance, which at times can make them easy to ignore. However, low-maintenance is not the same as no-maintenance, and a little care and attention can go a long way toward keeping your garage in good s...