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Clogged Gutter Water
Clogged Gutter Water
Clogged Gutter Water

Defend Your Home Against Rain and Runoff This Spring

April showers bring more than May flowers – they also bring a risk of water damage if your house is unprepared. The combination of early spring rain and melting snow can be tough on any home, especially if it’s already taken a ...
Maintenance & Repairs

Prevent Damaging Ice Dams This Winter

Severe winter weather can present a lot of challenges for homeowners, and ice dams are among the most serious problems that can arise. Ice dams – solid walls of ice that prevent runoff and cause roof leaks – occur when snow mel...
Home Insurance

Home Owners Insurance: Is Winter Storm Damage Covered?

If your home has been damaged be severe winter weather, you may be wondering whether or not the damage is covered under your insurance policy. While specifics may vary depending on your exact policy, standard homeowners insuran...

Emergency Preparedness

Protect Your Home from Winter Threats

A lot can go wrong in your home when cold weather hits. Severe winter conditions can cause everything from ice dams and collapsed roofs to burst pipes and power outages. The best thing you can do is to take steps now to prevent...

How to Save Your Storm-Damaged Trees

If your trees have been damaged by severe weather, don’t be too quick to assume they need to be cut down. Even trees with significant damage can often be nursed back to health with proper pruning and care. Storm Recovery Tips I...