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How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Making your Battery Last Longer

You know that familiar feeling of dread that hits you when the ‘low battery’ alert pops up on your phone and there isn’t an outlet in sight. A modern smartphone is a marvel of technology so great that it might as well be magic, but it won’t do you any good without a little juice. How can you make your battery last longer?

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your battery last longer. To avoid finding yourself in a tight spot with a dying phone, use these tricks and tips to extend your smartphone’s battery life.

Stay Above Zero

Few things are more damaging to your battery than allowing the charge to run out completely. Going down to zero can permanently damage the battery’s cells and reduce its ability to hold a charge, so always try to plug it in before you run out of charge.

Keep It Cool

The lithium-ion batteries used in most smartphones have a mortal enemy: heat. Allowing your phone to get too hot (i.e. leaving it out in the sun, or in a hot car) makes your battery degrade much faster, leading to permanent damage. You don’t have to go so far as to keep your phone in the fridge—although, honestly, it wouldn’t hurt—but anything you can do to avoid undue exposure to heat will benefit you in the long run.

Top It Off

Another thing about those lithium-ion batteries is that they don’t like being charged too much all at one time, so you’ll want to avoid going from minimum to maximum charge too often if you can. And while it might seem strange, they don’t react especially well to being completely full either. The best charging strategy to extend battery life is to top it off as needed. Plug in your phone when you see the charge getting down near 50%, and then unplug it just before it reaches 100%.

Avoid ‘Quick Charging’

Many newer smartphones come with the ability to ‘quick-charge,’ which basically means that they can charge faster than your average smartphone when hooked up to a charger with more power. But this really isn’t good for the battery, and it’s better to use the old-fashioned ‘slow’ charger instead, especially if you’re leaving your phone plugged in overnight.

Adjust the Settings

Your phone comes with all kinds of handy ways to lengthen battery life; all you have to do is decide to use them. The biggest drain on your phone battery is the screen, and you can make your battery last longer by dimming the brightness, and by setting the screen to time out more quickly. It also helps to turn off the data, wi-fi, email notifications and bluetooth when they’re not in use.

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