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The Easiest way to Add Value To Your Home

Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just like to plan ahead, it’s important to understand how your home improvement projects impact the value of your home. Every little thing counts, and these 9 DIY projects can really give your home value a boost and add value to your home.

1. Get painting

A fresh coat of plaint (inside or out) brings your home to life, and it’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s value. Just be sure to plan ahead, take the time to do a clean job, and choose colors that suit your house.

2. Plant a tree

If you’re not planning on selling your home right away, trees are a fantastic long-term investment. Mature shade trees keep your house cool and improve curb appeal. Just be sure to plant them in locations where the roots won’t interfere with sidewalks, foundations, septic tanks and water lines.

3. Have it inspected

Some household problems — termites in a crawlspace, outdated electrical systems, roof damage — are difficult to detect without professional assistance. Even if your home gets a clean bill of health, the simple fact that it’s been inspected can boost your home’s value.

4. Cut energy costs

Making your home more energy efficient not only improves its long-term value, but also saves you money on a day to day basis. How much you’ll have to spend upfront depends on what types of improvements you make, but there are lots of options.

5. Improve your kitchen

The kitchen is the first place many potential home buyers look, so it pays to make it look good. Even small updates, like replacing an old microwave, updating your cabinets or installing a water purification system can bring huge benefits.

6. Eliminate outdated looks

Few things hurt the value of your home like ancient wallpaper, shag carpeting and popcorn ceilings. Update out-of date elements of your home to add value.

7. Clean up the lawn

A clean, well-kept lawn makes your home look great and boosts curb appeal. Start by spreading some grass seed over bare patches and trimming overgrown shrubs.

8. Update your bathroom

Like your kitchen, your bathroom is an area where small improvements can bring huge benefits. Replace dated wallpaper with a modern faux or texture finish, replace an old cabinet, spring for some new tiles.

9. Fix Your Fixtures

An old, wobbly, useless ceiling fan can detract from your home, but a new, stylish, energy-efficient one can increase its value. Likewise, you can add value by updating faucets, replacing old door handles and other small changes.

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