Keep Your Home Safe and Secure With Motion Sensor Lights 22

Motion sensor lights provide home security and inside and out. You can hook up a motion sensor to just about any light – lamps, hall lights, exterior floodlights – illuminating your way, boosting home security and reducing energy costs with a minimum of effort.

Interior motion sensors can be used to turn on hallway lights when you get up in the middle of the night, turn on lamps when you enter the room, or switch on your basement light as soon as you open the door. Once you leave, the lights automatically turn back off again, ensuring that you have light when you need it, but don’t waste electricity when you don’t. Most motion sensors also have light-sensing diodes, which prevent them from turning your lights on during the daylight hours.

Exterior motion sensor lights are just as useful, lighting your driveway when you pull in after dark, or flooding your property with light if an unwanted visitor should attempt to trespass late at night.

Motion sensor lights are inexpensive – most cost $20 or less – and easy to install. They generally don’t require elaborate wiring jobs or complex setups; they simply plug into any electrical outlet. Motion sensing light sockets are also available, and they can simply be screwed into an existing wall or ceiling fixture. Motion sensors can also be used for fans, radios, and any other appliance that doesn’t use more than 500 watts.

For outdoor use, you can also try solar-powered motion sensor lights. They charge up during the day and then turn on if they detect movement at night. They don’t need to be plugged in, so they won’t drain your electricity, and you can place them at even the farthest reaches of your property without having to worry about wiring or extension cords.

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