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Hiring a professional to paint the inside of your house might be the easiest way to get a perfect interior paint job, but it will cost you. Rather than shelling out hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you can follow these simple tips for a home that only looks like it was painted by professionals.

1. Start Clean

Preparation is essential, and paint adheres best to a clean, dry, non-glossy surface. Wash your walls from top to bottom before you paint, and allow plenty of time for the walls to dry. If you’re painting over a pre-existing layer of glossy paint, sand your walls down to help the new paint stick better.

2. Don’t Skip the Primer

Primer might seem unnecessary, but it provides a good surface for paint. Primer also allows your new coat of paint to display the best possible color.

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3. Paint on Dry Days

Humidity makes paint take longer to dry, so paint on cool mornings and evenings. That way, you won’t spend whole days waiting for the paint to dry.

4. Out with the Old

If the old paint on your walls is peeling or flaking, it’s best to get a paint scraper and take it all off before you start a new paint job. Then sand the surface and apply primer before painting again.

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5. Make Sure you have Enough

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a paint job and realizing you don’t have enough paint. One gallon generally covers about 400 square feet, though you might need a bit more for painting a textured surface.

6. Protect Your Floors

A drip cloth will help keep your floors clean while you paint. After all, you’re painting your walls, not your carpet.

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7. Don’t Look Back

Once an area starts to dry, resist the urge to go back over it again. You might end up with unwanted streaks and marks on the paint’s surface.

8. Trade in your Brush for a Roller

Painting with a roller allows you to cover large areas more quickly, and creates a more professional-looking finish.

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9. Protect your Doorknobs and Fixtures

You can tape plastic bags over doorknobs to protect them from splattering paint. An edge pad will allow you to paint clean lines around doorframes and corners. Wall plates can be removed before you begin painting.

10. Use Durable Paint for High-Traffic Areas

Semi-gloss paint stands up to the most wear and tear.

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