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There are multiple types of floor covering to choose from, each ranging in price and benefits. Whether you are considering carpet, tile, or hardwood floors the ultimate goal is to find whatever works best for you and your family without overspending. Here is our report on the best ways to get new floors on a budget.

Here are a few tips and ideas for how to save money the next time you are shopping for new floor covering.

Have an Objective in Mind

The most common mistake that people make when shopping for floor covering is choosing the wrong product for their lifestyle. Do you have a steady stream of kids or pets going in and out of your home? If the answer is yes then installing carpet, which easily stains and shows wear may not be the best choice. However, carpet might be perfect for other rooms in the house with less foot traffic, such as bedrooms. Also, be aware of the quality before you make your buying decision. If you are looking to install something that will last up to 20 years, porcelain tile is more durable whereas ceramic tile is cheaper but can easily shatter if you drop something heavy on it.

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Buy Inventory that is In-Stock

Regardless of what type of flooring you want, you will save money by selecting in-stock inventory instead of making a special order from a store sample. Floor covering manufacturers give considerable discounts to dealers who buy in large quantities and those savings get passed on to customers. There are probably one or two flooring stores approximately close to your area that are known for buying in bulk, or getting products by the trailer load. They stack their stores in deep are sell it cheap! To make sure you are buying the right flooring do your research and consult a few experienced salespeople in different stores.

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Install it Yourself

Labor and installation can be a big part of the cost of floor covering. If you are handy or are willing to learn how to install a certain type of flooring product, the savings may be worth the additional effort. There are some products, like laminate flooring, which are easy to install with just a few basic tools. If you can recruit a family member, friend or neighbor who is more experienced you can make a pleasant weekend project out of it and take notes to learn for future renovations. You may also find YouTube tutorials easy and helpful.

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