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Summer Outdoor Home Improvements

Summer Outdoor Home Improvements

Summer is a season to spend time in the outdoors, whether that means a backyard barbecue, picnic, pool party or campfire. Now that summer has arrived, it’s a good time to take stock of the outdoor port of your home and see where you can make improvements. These easy DIY Summer outdoor home improvements can help you take advantage of your deck, patio and backyard, encouraging your family to spend more time outdoors and also increasing the value of your home.

Build a Deck

Adding a deck to your backyard is a great project to add value to your home, and depending on how all-out you plan to go, it is also one of the simplest Summer Outdoor Home Improvements.  Many homeowners already have (or can easily acquire) the tools and skills needed to complete a simple deck, though the costs and benefits depend on the size of the deck and what kind of extra features you decide to add—like multiple levels and built-in seating. Whatever route you take, a well-built deck is a great long-term investment because it creates an immediate focal point for outdoor gatherings and can act as a blank slate for additional improvements, like an outdoor kitchen or grilling area.

Add a Pool

There’s no doubt that a pool is great fun, but experts debate whether or not installing a pool adds value to your home. The real answer depends on a few different factors, so it’s important to remember that not all pools are created equal. Adding a pool to your backyard has the potential to increase home value, especially if your house is in a neighborhood where other homes have pools, and your pool is in a similar style to those of your neighbors. Pools also add the most value in regions with a warm climate. How much space you have is also a factor. If a pool leaves no extra room for gardening, outdoor play and other activities, you may be doing your property value more harm than good.

Install a Fire Pit

A roaring campfire and all the s’mores, ghost stories and singalongs that go with it have a fond place in many of our childhood memories, and installing a fire pit in your own backyard lets you recreate that experience with your friends and family all summer (and even winter) long. The most common types of fire pits are basically metal bowls with legs that rest on a flat surface like a stone patio or deck. These models are convenient, but since they aren’t a permanent part of your property, they don’t add home value. For a better long-term investment, go with a permanent fire pit or outdoor fireplace made of brick or stone. Check your local regulations—some areas have special rules regarding where you can build a fire pit and how big it can be—and make sure your fire pit is far away from all trees and buildings.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Designing and building an outdoor kitchen or grilling area is a big DIY project, but for families who frequently cook and dine outdoors, it can provide years of memories. It can also make your house the envy of every self-proclaimed grill-master in the neighborhood. You can make this project as simple or extravagant as you like, but elements like a high-quality grill, a flat countertop for preparing food and a storage space for kitchen tools are fairly standard. You could also add luxuries like a sink, refrigerator, bar and side burners separate from the grill.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree is one of the simplest and easiest summer Outdoor Home Improvements in addition to being one of the most rewarding and long-lasting. Planting trees around your house makes your property look great, and increases its curb appeal along with its value. As an added bonus, the shade trees provide as they grow can even help reduce your summer cooling bills. Before you start planting, do a little research to see what types of trees are best suited for your climate, and make sure you know where all your underground gas lines and elements of your septic system are located so you can avoid damaging them.

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