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Warm weather makes summer the perfect time to tackle outdoor DIY Home Improvement Projects for Summer, so let‘s take advantage of those sunny days while they‘re here. There’s no better time than right now for home improvement, including getting your lawn, garden, deck and patio in order.

Window Repair and Replacement

This is certainly a project to get done before cold weather sets in.  Whether you need to fix a torn screen, caulk up a loose seam or replace an entire window. Screens are easy to replace in under an hour.  You can purchase an inexpensive patch kit if you don’t want to replace the entire screen. For whole-window replacements, look for energy-efficient models that are double- or triple-pained.

Power Washing

A great way to remove dirt, mildew and other buildup from your siding, deck, patio, steps and walkway, power washing is a perfect job for a hot day. Start on the shady side of your house, and work from top to bottom to avoid streaks. Power washing ideally suited for brick, stone and other hard surfaces. If you power wash a wood deck, it’s a good idea to sand the surface after it dries to avoid splinters. Be sure to cover exposed electrical outlets with waterproof plastic and duct tape before you begin.

Starting a Container Garden

Summer is growing season for many homeowners, but not everyone has the time or free space to dedicate to a vast garden. A container garden saves both time and space, allowing you to choose a few productive crops and get the most out of a small area. Tomatoes, peppers and root vegetables grow well in pots.  An old wagon or wheelbarrow can easily be filled with topsoil to create a mobile garden for herbs or flowers.

Deck Repairs

Sanding, staining and washing your deck are all great home improvement jobs for summer. Make sure you have several sunny, rain free days lined up before you paint or stain your deck, because it usually takes more than one coat.

Reviving Your Lawn

Lawns can get a little brown and patchy during the dog days of summer.  Greening up the grass is a great do-it-yourself project for cool, overcast summer days. Start by removing weeds and raking up debris, and then add fertilizer as needed and reseed bare or sparse patches. If the soil is badly compacted, you may want to rent an aerator to help loosen it up before you spread seed.

We hope you enjoyed these DIY Home Improvement Projects for Summer.  Need more summer tips?  Check out Summer Outdoor Home Improvements that Add Value To Your Home

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