Installing a New Thermostat? Take Location Into Consideration 778

A new thermostat can be a great investment. Replacing an old, outdated model can trim your energy bills and help heat and cool your home more effectively, but you should take a few factors into consideration. Choosing the best thermostat for your specific needs is a good first step, but installing your new device in the best location is also essential.

Installing a thermostat in a poor location can significantly reduce its efficiency, which will reduce your energy savings and make it more difficult to control the temperature in your home.

Consider these thermostat location tips:

  • Mount your thermostat on an interior wall. If you mount a thermostat on an exterior wall, cold outside temperatures can lead the thermostat to underestimate the indoor temperature, causing it to overheat your house and waste energy.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Placing your thermostat in direct sunlight can have the opposite effect. Sunlight makes your thermostat think your house is warmer that it really is, making it difficult to heat your home.
  • Keep away from windows and doors. Cold drafts from windows and doors can cause your thermostat to turn your furnace on unnecessarily.
  • Mind your heating vents. If a heating vent or register is located too close to your thermostat, the hot air coming out can cause your furnace to shut down before your home is sufficiently heated. This leads to a problem called short-cycling, in which the furnace turns on and off repeatedly. This wastes energy and can cause long-term damage to your heating system.
  • Watch out for heat-producing appliances. Much like direct sunlight, heat-producing appliances like lamps can trick your thermostat into thinking your home is warmer than it really is.
  • Choose a frequently-used area. Installing a thermostat in a part of your house that you use often, like a living room or frequently-used hallway, makes it easier to effectively control the temperature than if you install it in a room you seldom use.
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