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We’re not the only ones who are excited about spring. Warm weather quickly brings bugs out of hiding, and early-season warming trends – while thoroughly enjoyable – may wake up these early Spring pests even sooner than usual.

How to best prepare for early Spring pests

Outdoor insects are entirely out of your control, and the best you can do as you head outdoors this spring is to bring some mosquito repellent and keep an eye out for ticks. Indoor bugs are a different story, and there are a few ways you can keep ants, ladybugs, houseflies, boxelder bugs and all the other usual suspects out of your house this spring.

  • Seal cracks and gaps near around the bottom of your house. A visual inspection of your foundation and baseboards may reveal places where critters can get in, and these openings are usually fairly easy to seal up with caulk, epoxy or other sealants.
  • Look for and eliminate sources of standing water or moisture.
  • Keep mulch at least 15 inches from your foundation, and maintain a gap of at least one inch between soil and wood portions of your house.
  • Seal cracks around windows and doors, and make sure they all have screens.
  • Trim plants, shrubs and trees so that the leaves and branches don’t brush up against your house, and keep your lawn grass from getting too tall.
  • Make sure your outdoor and indoor trash containers are sealed and clean.

If insect early Spring pests manage to make it into your home, there are a few ways you can deal with them, including sticky traps, chemical sprays and vacuuming them up. Of course, professional extermination is also an option if bugs get out of control, or if you find yourself with particularly damaging pests like termites or carpenter ants. Start by capturing a sample – dead or alive is fine, but try not to squash it – and take it to a professional for identification.

We hope you found our Warming Weather Brings Early Spring Pests guide helpful!

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