Easy Home Vegetable Crops for Container Gardening 1116

If you’d like to start growing your own produce but lack either the space or the time to cultivate a large vegetable garden, consider container gardening. A wide range of home vegetable crops are easy to grow, and grow well in containers. Container gardening saves space, makes watering easy, and takes up much less of your time than a full-sized garden.


The most popular and widely grown home vegetable crop in America, tomatoes are ideal for growing in containers. It’s best to start with seedlings, since tomato seeds require very specific conditions to grow. Provide a trellis or other support system so they can climb, and choose cherry varieties for quick production.

Green Beans

Green beans give you one of the highest yields of any container plant. Once the beans start to ripen, you can begin harvesting, and the plants will continue to produce more. Bush varieties are better suited to containers than climbing or pole varieties.


Closely related to tomatoes, peppers thrive under similar conditions, though they sometimes take a little longer to mature. Bell and chili peppers are ideal for container growing. Start with seedlings for best results.


Carrots can take up to 80 days to mature, but they typically fare well in containers. Just be sure to choose a pot that’s deep enough to accommodate the long taproots. To make harvesting easier, moisten the soil before pulling.


You can start from seed with spinach – just sprinkle a few in the container and thin them out as they grow. Once the spinach begins to mature, you can harvest a few leaves as needed, and the plants will continue to produce more.


Like spinach, lettuce seeds can be planted directly in the container. All varieties do well in pots, and you can choose among an enormous variety. Be sure to provide full sun exposure during the day.


This crop is quick to germinate and fast-growing, making it a good choice for gardeners looking for quick results. Different varieties are available, some of which require a trellis or similar support system for climbing.

Green Onions

Onions are easy to grow and don’t take up much space, but they do require a couple of months until they will be ready to harvest. Like many container vegetables—including tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers—they don’t respond well to cold, so be sure to wait until all danger of frost has passed before planting.

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