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Leaves are sure to pile up on your lawn as fall progresses, and if you’re looking for a way to get rid of them, we have a solution. Many homeowners simply bag leaves up and throw them away, but why go through all that trouble just to send leaves to the landfill? Instead, you can save them and use them as free mulch and compost to fertilize your lawn and garden in the months ahead.


Autumn leaves make great mulch, and they can be used to protect and fertilize your lawn plants over the winter months. Instead of bagging up leaves, you can rake them around the base of trees and shrubs. These leaves will insulate the plants’ roots against winter temperatures, as well as providing the nutrients they need.

Running leaves through a shredder or running them over with your lawn mower beforehand will allow them to decompose more quickly and feed your plants all winter long. If you have a garden you can also rake fall leaves onto your garden bed, where they can decompose over the winter and make your soil more fertile for next year’s crop.


Leaves, pine needles and grass clippings are ideal ingredients for compost, so if you don’t need mulch right now, you can add leaves to your compost pile and use them next year. Another option is to gather leaves up in black plastic bags and place them in a sunny spot. The bags will absorb sunlight all winter long, speeding up decomposition and creating usable compost by spring.


Allowing leaves to stay on your lawn and fertilize the grass is the easiest way to utilize fall litter. You don’t even have to rake them up. Simply run leaves over with your lawn mower and leave them where they are. They’ll provide your turf with necessary nutrition throughout the months ahead.

Free mulch and compost while saving time, money and the environment?  Sounds too good to be true!

We hope you find our Create Free Mulch and Compost with Fall Leaves guide helpful!

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