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It might be hard for most of us to believe, but many burglars target homes during the holiday season. With front yards decked out with decorations and homes and cars filled with all sorts of Christmas goodies, this time of year is a particularly vulnerable one when it comes to home security. Rather than let some Grinch steal your Christmas, take a few precautions to keep your house secure this season.

Always Lock Up

Maybe you wanted it to be easy for you Christmas guests to come right in, or maybe you just needed to run down to the store for a can of cranberry jelly. Whatever the reason may be, an unlocked door is an open invitation for burglars.

  • Any time you leave your home, no matter for how long, always make sure windows and doors are locked.

Watch Out for Holiday Vandals

Why anyone would want to vandalize Christmas decorations is anybody’s guess, but it happens. Reports of stolen lights and slashed inflatable decorations occur throughout the holiday season, so avoid making your home too exposed.

  • Install motion sensor lights on all sides of your house.
  • Set Christmas lights on a timer so they turn off before midnight.

Be Careful About Displaying Gifts

A fully lit tree surrounded my mountains of wrapped gifts looks great in your big front windows, but some crooks may find it too inviting to pass up.

  • Don’t put gifts out until Christmas Eve.
  • Set up your Christmas tree in a location where it can’t be seen from the outside.
  • Take the boxes your gifts came in straight to a recycling center. Nothing says, “I have a brand-new flat-screen TV” like leaving the box it came in out on the curb.

Keep the Garage Secure

The garage is an easy place to forget about, which is good news for burglars who can use it to gain access to the rest of your house.

  • Always close and lock your garage door, along with the inside door that leads from the garage into your house.
  • Never leave the garage door opener in your car.

Be Mindful of Social Media

When you announce to all your facebook friends that you’re heading out of town for the holidays, you might also be letting crooks know that your house is unattended.

  • Don’t mention being out of town on social media until you’ve returned. If you find this a hard rule to stick to, at least adjust your security settings so that only your friends see what you post.
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